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Unfair & Loveless

A Short Comic on the 'beauty' industry and its toxic messaging; the impact it has on our mental health and how it’s time the industry started having better conversations with us.

The last two weeks have been a doozy.

What started out as a means to express how I viscerally felt about the "beauty" industry, slowly became a laborious and difficult exercise in research, learning, un-learning, and carefully considering my vacillating position on the subject.

I don't know exactly how I feel even now. But I post this as an appeal. For myself and anyone else who may resonate with this.

How many of the choices we make as consumers are actually ours? The industry is constantly talking to us, and so many of these conversations contort our inner monologues...telling us that we need to be a lot more before we can feel worthy.

Occasionally we see some brands do better, and others begin to make changes and improve, and while these movements are a good it just me who's thinking it's way too slow?!
We need to do a lot more and do it a hell of a lot faster to fix the damage that's already been done...while also catching up to the damage for more and more people.
Can the cosmetic industry start having more wholesome, positive conversations with us through their products and ad campaigns? Can their profits be borne not from lowering our self-worth, but I don't know...anything else?!
Rather than capitalising on our fears and insecurities and our "flaws", can the ad campaigns, the R&D departments, the manufacturers, the better by us? Because we'd like to buy products with a little more agency and joy and feel empowered through our investments...not walk out of a store feeling 🤯

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