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G.R.O.W.I.N.G P.A.I.N.S 🐛

An ode to growingpains and the uncomfortable, sometimes excruciating, cycle of self-growth!
A lot of the time, we find ourselves shrinking to fit a part of our self that no longer serves us... whether it's dusty narratives about who we once were, behavioural patterns, relationships or foundational thought processes that once helped us make sense of the world. Change is fucking hard and it's scary and the guilt that comes with it can be debilitating. So we bend, shift, break a little to find momentary belonging and familiarity...even when we have long outgrown our mold.

In these moments, I feel like it's not resilience that needs to be cultivated, but courage -- and trust that something's got to give.

Here's to getting better at spotting the difference 🍷♥️


*Frame not included*

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Growing Pains

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