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A Pair of Twins


Social/cultural barriers like gender disparity have been an age-old struggle, not only for women, but also for men across cultures. From the way we dress to what we aspire to be...we are constantly being told what we can or cannot do. A Pair of Twins is a story about these  struggles. One of courage, love, and redefining gender roles. About how anything is possible if we just believe in ourselves.

'A beautiful story about Lakshmi and Sundari -an unusual pair of twins with an unusual bond. Not everyone in Mysore knows how special they are until they're both called upon to
save the day!'
Press Reaction
'A Pair of Twins', the meticulous artwork, intricate and stylized at the same time, recreates the glory of the old Kingdom of Mysore, offering a sophisticated glimpse into India’s rich and colourful heritage of royalty. In parts dramatic and in parts quaint, the artwork combines the very best of modern techniques of art and design with the elaborate details of old-fashioned miniatures. The paintings are large and magnificent to appeal to the kids. 'A Pair of Twins' is visually appealing, multi-faceted, and culturally informative. The brisk narrative sets a theatrical pace, which will keep the reader hooked until the very end.

Fun Fact!

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  • A Pair of Twins was in the SABA (South Asian Book Award) list of Highly Commended books of 2015.
  • Listed in the top ten titles in the 2015 Amelia Bloomer list
  • Shortlisted for the 2015 The Hindu-Young World Goodbooks Award.

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